Jesus And Me

Each Sunday the children in 2nd Saintfield attend JAM (Jesus and Me).

The children leave the main church service after a short talk and then come together in what we call Big Group. Big Group is a fun and interactive experience for the children. We sing lively songs using song videos, watch DVD clips to reinforce the weekly messages, get involved with sponsoring charities, celebrate the children's birthdays, bible readings, prayers, prizes and much, much more.

The children then split into their individual groups where they learn more about the bible through group study, games and crafts, all tailored to individual age groups. All children from year 1 to year 10 will be made very welcome in JAM, so why not come along at 11.00am on Sunday.

J A M Rota
Convenor Janice Cockroft
& Gordon Campbell
Team A
Janice Cockroft
Patrick Leaker
Daniel Cockroft

Team B
Caroline McGorry
Emma McFarland
Ellie Hammerton
Ellie Moore

Team C
Alix Bell
Caroline Campbell
Rose Fennell
Adam Reid

Team A
Sally-Anne Brown
Louise Reed
Charis Gibson

Team B
Rebecca McCarey
Patrick Mack
Ethan Leaker

Team C
Pamela Reid
Anita McNair
Zara McClenaghan
Andrew Clarke

Team A
Moira George
Peter Shaw Jnr
Anna George

Team B
Peter Shaw Snr
Lindsay Ferguson
Jacob Leaker 

Team C
Andrew Gibson
Robert Gilmore
Jack Campbell

 "Big Group"
   6th Jan
13th Jan
20th Jan
27th Jan
  3rd Feb
10th Feb
17th Feb
24th Feb
  3rd Mar
10th Mar
17th Mar
24th Mar

William & Kelly Nugent
Peter Shaw(Snr)
Peter Shaw(Jnr)
Gordon Campbell
Robert Gilmore
William & Kelly Nugent
Peter Shaw(Snr)

Peter Shaw(Jnr)
Gordon Campbell
Robert Gilmore
Family Service
Week 1 
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10




Summer 2019 Rota

Big Group

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