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Second Saintfield was formed as a Burgher Seceder congregation in 1795 due to dissatisfaction in the old Saintfield congregation with Rev Birch's sympathies with the United Irishmen.The second minister, Rev Walter Moffat was a gifted evangelist and known as the 'McCheyne of the Irish Seceders'. His reputation was enhanced by the fact that he died after only seven years service. The present church was built upon the site of the original in 1892. Extensive renovations were carried out in 1966-7. Membership now is around 250 families. 


Thomas Walker

Walter Moffat

David Patterson

John Mecredy

George Raphael Moore

Robert McElney

James P.C. Glendinning

William Dickie

Hugh Ivor Orr

James Murdoch Rogers

William Desmond McBride

James Moore Casement

Graham Connor

John Ussher Torrens


4th Oct 1796

9th Aug 1831

26th Mar 1839

30th Mar 1848

20th Jun 1862

17th Dec 1889

23rd Jan 1900

26th May 1908

27th Oct 1949

24th Mar 1955

3rd Feb 1966

Dec 2002


18th June 2020

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